10 Facts About Me

1. I am 1 of 5 children. I have a younger brother (8), a older sister (25), and two older half brothers (35 & 37).

2. I've seen more whales than you (probably). One summer my mom worked on a whale watching boat so three times a day we would go out and watch whales.

3. I started school a year early and finished by being homeschooled. I was always a year younger and my senior year my parents moved across the country so I decided to finish through an online program.

4. I use to HATE gaming. My sister would force me to play and over time I ended up really enjoying it. We would play Halo for hours and hours and hours.

5. I have social and separation anxiety. I use to take medication for it but as of late I haven't needed it.

6. Growing up I wanted to be about 25 different things. I seriously considered (looked at/applied for programs or internships) the follower: Chef, Dentist, Flight attendant, Teacher, Politician, Librarian, Music Producer, Advertising, Interior Decorator, and a few others.

7. When I took my PSATs I missed one math question. I was one digit off. ._.

8. Me and my family lived in a 14' trailer for a few months while we built our house in Maine. It had no water and no electricity.   

9. If I had to pick one passion it would be music. I love everything about it and will honestly listen to anything.

10. Im literally always cold. 99% of the time I'll have a sweatshirt and beanie with me, but I almost never wear socks. 

So there we go a bunch of facts about me. Now here are some facts about this blog: it will have no specific focus or topic (just whatever I feel like blogging about), I'm not sure how often I will post something but I'll try and keep it pretty regular, I think this is gonna be a lot of fun. If there are specific blog posts you'd like for me to do let me know!

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Have a great night! xoxo